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“Sir, license and registration, please…”

Interstate Day

Crossing the pass between Park City and Salt Lake City.   Interstate 80, UT.
I woke up in Park City to continued light snowfall. After a hearty, homemade omelet breakfast, I wished the Silver Moose Ranch hostess well and settled in for what I anticipated would be a boring day in the saddle, all 375 miles being traveled by Interstates 80, 15 and 84. The snow shifted quickly to a cold rain, and the bike’s heated grips came in very handy.

Hello, Officer

Officer gathering my license and registration.  72 in a 65 - seriously?  Interstate 15, Ogden, UT.
By the time I descended the pass into Salt Lake City, I was certifiably cold. I stopped at a gas station in Ogden, UT to warm up and grab some water. I asked the gas station attendant what the speed limit was on Interstate 15 – she replied, “75 MPH”. I hopped on the I-15 on-ramp, traveled in the middle lane for approximately 1 mile, then noticed fast-approaching, flashing lights. As I pulled over and turned the ignition off, I tried to recollect when my last ticket had been, and landed on 10-15 years ago. The state trooper was 20-something young, nice enough, but it was clear from the start – probably because I had out-of-state plates, and was on a motorcycle – that he would be writing me a ticket. He asked if I knew why he had pulled me over – I responded, “to be frank, I don’t, but perhaps it’s speed-related?” He proceeded to explain that the speed limit in this section was 65 MPH. I explained my recent stop at the gas station, and genuine belief that it was 75 MPH. He explained that within the next mile, the speed changed to 75 MPH, but not in this section. He also told me I was clocked at 72 MPH in the 65 MPH zone. When I heard this, I almost laughed, but kept my mouth shut. After I got the ticket and began to ride away, it dawned on me that he is the young buck posted on this stretch to hand out speeding tickets as people increase to 75 MPH.

Beautiful Boise

The rest of the morning’s ride was cold, damp and non-descript. The weather did take a markedly better turn about an hour into Idaho. The clouds broke, the temps increased, and it turned into a beautiful day. I made my way toward Boise, where I planned to meet my Luther College freshman year roommate, Lance. Lance, a veterinarian, and his family have lived in the Boise area for quite sometime. It had probably been 15 years since we had seen one another. I was in for a great surprise, as another dorm floormate, John, originally from Idaho and now living in Boise as well, joined us for beers and dinner. Both expressed their love of Boise – we talked about “day in the life” in the various seasons. It was really a great night, especially to have some company and reconnect with old friends.

The Day : Weather

RainMostly CloudySunny Location State High (F) Low (F) Precipitation (in) Max Wind (mph)
Salt Lake City UT 63° 45° 0.05 31
Burley ID 59° 42° 0.06 40
Boise ID 65° 49° Trace 28

The Day : Images

The Day : GPS

Total Time 12:23:49
Moving Time 6:09:05
Distance 377.9 mi
Avg Speed 30.5 mph
Moving Speed 61.4 mph
Elevation Max 7,035 ft
Elevation Min 2,477 ft
Elevation Gain 11,441 ft
Elevation Loss 15,725 ft


The Day : Tweets

Highlight of the trip tonight, a 22 yr freshman dorm reunion with friends Lance and John, both Boise residents. Thanks, guys! #ANW2012
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State no. 6 of 11 is…Idaho #ANW2012
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Current gear MVPs are (1) Windstopped neck gaiter and (2) heated handgrips. A little sun would be great. #ANW2012
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