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Dazzling colour in Seattle.

Chihuly Garden and Glass Exhibition

Chihuly Garden and Glass Exhibit.  Seattle Center, Seattle, WA.After a wonderful night’s sleep in the Smith’s cozy home, we hung out in the kitchen. Zach and I reviewed topographic maps, doing some advance planning for the next day’s ride through the North Cascades National Park on the way to Winthrop. Megan came up with a great list of activities for us to do for the day. We landed on visiting the just opened – literally 4 days prior – Chihuly Garden and Glass exhibition.

We arrived at Seattle Center under overcast skies. We explored outside for a bit, then headed into the exhibition. Zach’s brother, Ryan, previously worked for Dale Chihuly. As such, their family is well-versed, and Megan and Zach had prepped me prior to our visit.

Dale Chihuly is an American glass sculptor. He was born in, and has long been based out of, Tacoma, Washington. His work is included in more than 200 hundred museum collections worldwide. He has been the recipient of many awards, including eleven honorary doctorates and two fellowships from the National Endowment for the Arts. His works are publicly installed around the United States, and worldwide. He is widely recognized for his amazing glass renderings of rich colour. We spent a significant amount of time exploring the 45,000 square foot exhibition. I was blown away by the experience.

Space Needle

Space Needle.  Seattle Center, Seattle, WA.
Our next stop was just a few yards away, the Space Needle. Ironically, neither Zach nor I had been to the Space Needle. Megan and I gave Zach a lot of ribbing about that. We took the obligatory elevator trip up to the observation deck. The overcast skies had given way to partly cloudy with sun. It’s basically impossible not to enjoy the views from up there. Zach and Megan pointed out landmarks, and we were able to get a couple of great shots of Megan’s men. Our final Seattle Center destination was the food trucks just to the west of the exhibition, where Jamie patiently waited with Dad for a top-notch hot dog.

A Brief History of BMW Motorcycles. Plus Pizza and Arcade Games.

A BMW GS that went round the world, Ride West BMW Motorcycles, Seattle, WA.Forget espresso, forget microbrews, forget the formidable musical history – a day in Seattle wouldn’t be a day in Seattle without a visit to Ride West BMW Motorcycles. Ride West is widely respected as one of the premium BMW motorcycle dealerships in the U.S.

Speaking of BMW motorcycles, here are a couple fun facts for you. BMW Motorrad (BMW Motorcycles) is a subsidiary of Bayerische Motoren Werke AG, more commonly known as BMW. BMW was founded in 1917, and continues to be headquartered in Munich, Bavaria, Germany. BMW’s very first vehicle was the R32, which was produced in 1923. Here’s the salient point – the R32 was a motorcycle, so, in fact, the very first BMW of any kind was a motorcycle. The R32 featured a “boxer” twin engine, in which a cylinder projects into the air-flow from each side of the machine. Almost 90 years later, the boxer twin engine is still featured in BMW’s R-series motorcycles, which Fiona is – an R1200GS. I’m obviously biased, but I find this pretty remarkable – that the engine design is relevant and proven, almost a century later. The half-joke amongst BMW riders of boxer twin-engined bikes is that the engine is just starting to get broken in at the 50,000 mile mark. There are many tales – both tall and legitimate – of 250,000+ miles on an original boxer twin.

We stopped back home, then had a fun walk through the woods to the Smith family’s local pizza haunt, Bridle Trails New York Pizza in Kirkland. Bridle Trails features a nice side room with old-school arcade games, which Jamie and Row enjoyed while Mom, Dad and I enjoyed our conversation.

It was a really wonderful day, most especially given I was able to spend it with my good friends.

The Day : Weather

SunnyPartly Cloudy Location State High (F) Low (F) Precipitation (in) Max Wind (mph)
Kirkland WA 66° 53° 0.00 21

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The Day : GPS

Total Time 5:17:59
Moving Time 2:33:46
Distance 46.0 mi
Avg Speed 8.7 mph
Moving Speed 18.0 mph
Elevation Max 550 ft
Elevation Min (72) ft
Elevation Gain 2,995 ft
Elevation Loss 2,995 ft


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Bright, sunny day in Seattle and Kirkland today. Chihuly Glass and Garden, Space Needle, Ride West BMW, pizza and arcade games. #ANW2012
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At Chihuly Garden and Glass exhibit, brand new, by Space Needle. Amazing display. #ANW2012
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Space Needle and walkabout downtown it is, bright sun all of a
sudden. #ANW2012
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