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I wanna ride me some forest roads.

The wonderful Glover Street Market in Twisp, WA.Zach and I left Winthrop in pouring rain. We traveled to the next town, Twisp, to find his cousins’ – Molly and Jeff – 18 month old and superb natural foods market, Glover Street Market. Lesson learned : follow Glover Street Market for the roadmap to small-business, customer-centric success, so impressive. It was a treat to enjoy Molly’s engaging, “sweet-but-sassy” personality, and her cooking of a 5-star organic breakfast for us. The French-press coffee absolutely rocked it, best of the trip – a real treat.

We continued our exploration of eastern Washington via Washington State Route 20. WA-20 is a magnificent, spectacular, breathtaking experience. Were I capable, I’d insert more hyperbole here.

Carving some beautiful sweeper lines along the Pend Oreille River.  WA State Route 20, Ione, WA.On our way through Ione, WA, we opted to take U.S. Forest Service backroads to get to Zach’s cabin. That improvisation turned out to be one of the trip’s riding highlights. It was the first time I had ridden the bike off-road, and it did very well considering its weight (560 lbs. fully topped with fuel), that of my cargo (estimated 90 lbs.), and that of the rider (ah-hem, estimated more than 100 lbs.).

The initial backroad we took (NF-308/Kalispell Rd) ended up being permanently closed for a mountain creek reclamation project, but that made it all the more fun and resulted in us riding off-road even more. After navigating past USFS closure gates, we crossed into Idaho and caught NF-308 on the east side of the project, and very close to the cabin. The offroad riding was such a rush – make sure you check out the HD video footage below. Imagine a 10-year-old boy riding a motocross bike, with ear-to-ear smile and “whoop!”s abounding – that was me. Fantastic.

Bryan and Ed were at the cabin when we arrived. It’s a gorgeous property, and it was a treat to finally see it. We ended up grilling out in between a respectable thunderstorm rolling through the area. While I do not have proof that Bryan cooked with a gas grill because of the thunderstorm’s heavy rain extinguishing the charcoal grill, I did witness it.

[Bryan's commentary here] – "It was not due to the charcoal going out, we needed extra capacity due to lack of power inside [the cabin]. The charcoal worked just fine on the steaks, thank you."

It would turn out to be the start of significant and fateful rainfall.

The Day : Weather

RainPartly CloudySunnyThunderstorms Location State High (F) Low (F) Precipitation (in) Max Wind (mph)
Twisp WA 59° 51° 0.42 19
Republic WA 74° 52° 0.34 23
Colville WA 74° 49° 0.32 13
Priest Lake WA 75° 50° 0.57 26

The Day : Images

The Day : Video

The Day : GPS

Total Time 10:41:45
Moving Time 5:30:07
Distance 253.4 mi
Avg Speed 23.7 mph
Moving Speed 46.1 mph
Elevation Max 5,546 ft
Elevation Min 807 ft
Elevation Gain 22,071 ft
Elevation Loss 21,190 ft


The Day : Tweets

Neat stop in Twisp, WA at Glover Street Market (organic), owned by Zach’s cousin and wife, Molly. Mini-reunion. #ANW2012
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