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Four guys, rain, Spades, a Kubota and Priest Lake.

Rain, Spades, repeat.

Zach's bad-ass Kubota.  Removed a felled tree from the previous night's thunderstorm.  Priest Lake, ID.
Four guys at a cabin in the north Idaho mountains woke up to heavy rainfall that continued throughout the day. Four guys played Spades for 8 hours. One guy kicked up testosterone levels by riding a kick-ass Kubota tractor to pull a felled tree from the driveway. Four guys drove 5 miles to Elkins Resort for dinner. While there, four guys met a young 20-something wedding party determined to party hard with Fireball rail shots.
An awesome day for four guys.

The Day : Weather

ThunderstormsRainRain Location State High (F) Low (F) Precipitation (in) Max Wind (mph)
Priest Lake ID 55° 46° 1.21 18

The Day : Images

The Day : GPS

Total Time 6:03:00
Moving Time 15:29
Distance 10.8 mi
Avg Speed 1.8 mph
Moving Speed 27.6 mph
Elevation Max 2,608 ft
Elevation Min 2,448 ft
Elevation Gain 167 ft
Elevation Loss 167 ft


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