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Let’s get one of my idiosyncrasies straight. I name my vehicles. In 1992-3, my Ireland-bound bicycle was named Seamus. My current bike, and the one I’ll embark on this trip, is named Fiona.

Fiona is a 2009 BMW R1200GS (Namibia Blue, Premium Package). I bought her new in April 2010 from Leo’s South, and have logged close to 14,000 miles. She has far surpassed all of my high expectations, and is the perfect bike for this adventure. She’s stock, and her tires are Metzeler Tourance. We’ve added a homemade relay and distribution switch (Centech AP-1) to power accessories.

A common statement from GS owners is, “if I never get another bike, I’m happy”. I couldn’t agree more.


With respect to storage capabilities for the trip, she’s equipped with:

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